aluminum shades

Alluminium Shades

What are 10 advantages of aluminum Shades

They are so many advantages for aluminum shades some major advantages are as follow

1. Protection against corrosion:

Avoid galvanic corrosion which can be a problem when aluminum is in contact with a certain other metal in a corrosive atmosphere.

Avoid crevice corrosion that can occur when corrosive salts, soot, dirt, or sand can enter crevices, overlays, or interfaces of which the aluminum foil is a part.

2. Design versatility:

Haomei Aluminum Corrugated Shades Systems with highly durable profiles and numerous colors and gauges offer unlimited scope for design creativity in new projects in the industry, rebuilding, and repair and renovation.

* Can be curved or bull nose

* Smooth curve

* Excellent durability

*High performance

* Simple and fast installation by trained personnel

* Wide selection of colors.

* A range of indicators, shapes and profile options

* Fully recyclable

*Environmental friendly

* A complete range of components and accessories.

3. Efficiency:

* Corrugated aluminum sheet has built-in corrosion resistance

* You can remain unprotected where you are subject to aggressive elements.

* Aluminum roofing sheet is aging resistant and not sensitive to UV rails

* Durable and versatile

* Requires little or no maintenance

* Exceptional expansion capabilities

* High residual value

* Recyclability

* Low cost during the life of the building

4. Eco-friendly:

 Only 5% of the original energy used to produce corrugated aluminum sheet is needed for recycling

* Aluminum can be recycled for generations without limitations.

* Corrugated aluminum foil is the third most common element in the Earth’s crust.

* An insulated Ziptech roof structure can help reduce energy consumption and costs.

* Haomei is the provider of specific aluminum roofing systems that provide pleasant aesthetics and structural integrity.

* The Haomei standing seam ceiling system is specifically designed to complement the durable and cost-effective properties of aluminum.

* Haomei provides designers / architects with great flexibility for innovative and aesthetically pleasing roof shapes.

* Smooth curvature and on-site tapering, extreme wind resistance and excellent thermal properties are some of the key benefits of superior roof waterproofing solutions.

* The light weight of aluminum, combined with ziptech’s highly efficient installation method, means the installation of long lengths on site.

5. Finishes:

All products have the same finish which is:

* Milling finish in its natural sense.

* Corrugated aluminum sheet can be surface treated in a range of Tech G4 colors and Tech PVDF color in a wide range of colors

* Stucco in relief

6. Formability:

* Corrugated aluminum sheet has excellent formability

* Can be rolled, folded, pressed, molded, molded, anodized, etc.

7. Performance:

* Performance under fire, the aluminum roof sheets are not combustible or flammable

* Due to the low melting point of (640 degrees), aluminum self-ventilation occurs by directing heat into the atmosphere and causing localized damage.

* Non-corrosive natural resistance

* Aluminum Roofing Sheets have higher dent resistance than other metals due to their higher energy absorbing properties and high strength.

* Corrugated aluminum sheet will not break or abduct when hit by hail stones

* Aluminum will absorb the impact of the projectile, thus minimizing physical damage and maintaining watertightness.

* Due to its high electrical conductivity, aluminum offers one of the best protections against thunderstorms if the roof is properly grounded.

* When the corrugated aluminum sheet is exposed to air / water, a hard oxide film will form to protect against any weather conditions and to effectively suffocate the additional attack rate.

8. Quality:

Haomei Aluminum Corrugated Sheet Products are produced with exceptionally strict quality and performance criteria that meet GBT6891-2006

9. Installation is very easy

Unlike other ceilings that require great technical depth and experience, corrugated aluminum foil is very easy to install. All you have to do is cut the roof trusses and nail them to the 1200mm centers and that’s it.

10. Disassembly is easy

Did you make a mistake during installation? Simply remove the nail and reattach the sheet. It’s that easy with corrugated aluminum foil.