.After a Huge sucess in india we Launch and dynamic Product which is more dynamic and easy to use product for humans We introduce the product I-Toilet I-Toilet is an electronics smart public toilet which is pre fabricated and made of steel,it is integrated with electronics to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, I-Toilet is unmanned with the self cleaning capability, the concept behind i toilet is to provide a public sanitation facility which is resources conserving, environmental friendly and futuristic,, This Toilets are programmed with human sensor based technology to flush 1.5 litres of water after 3 min of usages or 4.5 litres if usage is longer, it can also be programmed to clean the platform with the complete wash after every 5 to 10 person use the Toilet, Thus i toilet provide a comprehensive sanitation solution

  1. Pre-Fabricated Public  Toilet Made of Steel.
  2. Integrated with electronics system to ensure cleanliness and hygiene to every user.
  3. Unmanned with self-cleaning capabilities.
  4. Connected over a web interface for monitoring health status
  5. Offer a  futuristic, resources conserving and environment friendly public sanitation facility for the citizen 
  6. End to end support from supply ,installation, commissioning to maintenance.
  7. A comprehensive sanitation solution.
  8. Portable Design
  9. Automatic payment based access control 
  10. Energy/water saving
  11. Audio based user instruction
  12. Multiple self cleaning mechanisms.
  13. Sterillzation/Disinfection features(optional)
  14. Solar Panel (optional)
  15. Power Backup
  16. Inbuilt Water Tank
  17. GPRS based Remote Control
  18. Self Checking capabilities
  19. Digital advertisement Management options.
  1. Fit into busy street-requires just 45 sq.ft of space to set up.
  2. Power and water-can be connected to city’s power distribution systems or works on solar energy
  3. Maximum saving of water and minimum electricity consumption through its pro-earth environment friendly and futuristic techonology.
  1. Easy Savage Systems.
  2. No manpower required for continue monitoring
  3. Cleanliness ensured
  4. 24/7 Customer support division
  5. A unique revenue generation model  from advertisement 
  6. Touch free cleaning for service personnel 
  7. Ease of Use
  1. Full stainless steel structure
  2. Stainless steel based doors
  3. Stainless steel Based Exit Doors.
  4. Stainless steel Based Platform
  5. Coin Validating Machine
  6. Sensor based LED Light
  7. Wall mountable fan
  8. Audio system
  9. Sanitary napkin vending machine
  10. Sanitary Disposal machine
  11. Condom vending machine
  12. Hand sanitizer
  13. Water Tank (Capacity 500 ltr
  14. Mobile charger point
  15. Wash basin along with mirror
  16. Cloth Hanger
  17. Automatic room freshener 
  1. I-Toilet can function at 3 pronged
  2. At a health level  by offering clean sanitation facility
  3. At a social development level by offering a employment a dignity of labour to the manual labourers
  4. At a public infrastructure level by offering  state of the art toilet integrate  with technology both for the public and tourism alike 
  5. Improve urban sanitation infrastructure 
  6. Better sense of hygiene and cleanliness
  7. New avenue for sustainability 
  8. Adds to the region  overall’ ambience 
  9. Appropriate technology and components for handle huge public usage
  10. Efficient water conservation technology
  11. Optimized energy consumption
  12. Eco-friendly waste management 
  13. Sustainability of  operations
  14. Accountability built in for proper monitoring 
  15. Supplement tourism infrastructure 
  16. Paradigm shift in urban public sanitation 
  17. End to end solution in sanitation  from entry to Exit