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Recent surveys and industrial growth indices shows that Dubai is spending more on Luxury Interior Design. Being one of the most attracted tourist destination in the world and also being the land of rich people with multiple culture, spending on Luxury interior design is never extravagance.

Interior Designing is responsible to make the spaces functional and beautiful by effective integration of various designing styles and also by adding interior decors. Professional designers will creatively combine various colors, patterns, lighting and materials to contribute more towards an appealing view and experience. Your house is transformed to home through interior designing, that is life is added to your most loved underroof.

Among the various interior design style, luxury interior design is mostly loved by people who follow luxurious lifestyle. All of the spaces will be luxuriously planned to have grand and elegant appeal. People who love luxury will consider different interior styles which offer spaciousness and opulence. Expert team will incorporate ideas that matches with the expectation of the clients through articulated designs.

Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

Dubai is the land of luxury and high end lifestyle. People who live here are in deep love with extremity of pleasure in every part of life. Luxurious properties, hotels, apartments, transportation, lounges etc. are demanding professional luxury interior design Dubai.  Finding everything that will add to the luxurious ambience of your designated design space can be realized only with a professional hand.

 International companies offering Luxury Interior Design Dubai provides high-end interior designer who pays attention to client’s vision and perfectly realize the end product. It includes everything from flooring, furniture, lighting, accessories etc. In most of the cases, luxury interior designs are executed with custom designs.

  • Luxury interior designs are always the choice of the customer. As the customers are usually following a luxurious life style, their expectation and taste can be fulfilled through custom made designs only.
  • Rich materials- Every material used in luxury interior design is durable as they possess high quality. All of the materials used in the design will be luxurious and specify the character of the client.
  • Careful approach on choosing every element- The rich and cohesive look offered by luxury interior design is always the result of the attention paid by the designer during the design execution. Each and every element used to realize the luxury interior design project will speak out the client’s view on it.
  • Consistency in the design- Luxury interior design follow consistency throughout one project. Unifying elements in the design plan will carry the same theme in the whole home or project area. Expert assistance is required to keep these kind of consistency throughout by making slight variation in different spaces.
Interior Design

Dubai is the land of luxury. People who lives here and visit here is in high interest to explore all kind of luxury offered in this versatile land. Luxury Interior Design companies in Dubai offers wide range of styles to various buildings and establishments here.  Luxury interior design Dubai is highly trending in both home and commercial interiors. Based on the customer’s view, taste, preference and specifications, expert designers create a design lay out. All kind of luxury will be incorporated to given project as per the demand of the clients. Luxury interior design Dubai for commercial establishments are mainly designed and executed by forecasting the target group of customers.

Luxury Interior Design Styles

  • Classical Luxury – Luxury interior Design Dubai inspired by olden Greek or Roman architecture. This kind of designs features rich and grand elements including tall pillars and grand ceiling works. A touch of olden time will be created with the use of modern materials in this type of interior designing.
  • Victorian Luxury– Type of interior designs that will use warm colors and traditional furniture in the setting of old Victorian era. Every interior accessories and fittings will be reflecting the historic styles. This luxury styles are highly suitable for large area.
  • Traditional luxury – Use of crafted furniture and wooden interiors will be followed in this style of luxury interior design. Use of rich metallic accessories and grand lighting will make this kind of interior design evergreen. Highly suitable for huge villas and mansions.
  • Baroque Luxury – Simple looking but elegant style of interior designing with sculptures and artwork for decoration and it features bold and bright colors along with loud paintings.
  • Rococo Luxury—This type of luxury interior design is characterized by heavy ceiling work and different patterns in flooring. Color schemes perform heavy ornamentation designs and is highly suitable for huge villas and mansions.
  • Modern Luxury – modern luxury interior design is all about having spacious rooms, neutral color palate. Modern designs are giving more priority to quality and hygiene along with natural light, clean design etc. Mostly preferred by the people who does not like traditional style and also loves simple and quality ambience from their personal space.
  • Contemporary Luxury – The contemporary style is the culmination of all the styles that were popular in early twentieth century. These style encompasses a huge range of styles like the Victorian, the kind of luxurious effect is different. contemporary luxury interior design consists of high ceilings, exposed ducting and funky furniture.
  • Hybrid Luxury-The type of interior design is a creative mixture of two contrasting styles that can impose the idea of luxury when combined. This contemporary innovation suits best when the client preference is not adhesive to any of the interior styles.

Cost of Luxury Interior Design Dubai

Cost on Interior designing is all about investing for the happy and peaceful living experience. Investing huge amount for the construction will just create the shell or structure, where professional interior designers are responsible to add life. Seeking Expert luxury interior designing Dubai will transform your house to home or office to a productive hub. Investing more on interior design will add aesthetic value to your establishment along with empowering your pride and personality


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